what people say about joe

what people say about joe

“I believe that the true measure of justice can be met when people of wisdom, passion, caution, and perseverance work tirelessly to achieve it.  In my many years of service to our community, I have come to trust the knowledge and personal integrity of Joe Platania as he carried out the powers of his office with honesty, compassion, objectivity, and a relentless pursuit for justice. He has my trust, my confidence, and on election day- he will have my vote.”

—Timothy J. Longo
Charlottesville Chief of Police | 2001-2016


“True community safety depends upon effective multi-agency coordination.  Joe Platania has worked to achieve that goal by forging close working relationships with a long list of enforcement, prevention and reentry organizations.  He has worked as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, served on the Board of Directors at OAR, and contributed to policy discussions about issues like the imposition of fees and fines upon the indigent.  He understands that we must work together and bring a comprehensive approach to the important work of ensuring public safety.

— Tim Heaphy
United States Attorney, Western District of Virginia | 2008-2015


 “Joe is a top notch prosecutor--the best I've seen in forty years of law practice.  Joe's skills, coupled with his absolute commitment to equal justice, leave no doubt Joe will be an outstanding Commonwealth's Attorney.  I support Joe 100%.”

— Jim Hingeley
Charlottesville-Albemarle Public Defender | 1999-2016


 “My family met Mr. Platania soon after my son was senselessly assaulted in Charlottesville. My son required surgery to repair multiple fractures around his eye socket. When hearing about the incident, Mr. Platania reached out to a detective at the Charlottesville Police Department and he worked tirelessly and efficiently with the detective to identify the assailant and bring him to justice. During this process, Mr. Platania reached out to my wife, my son and me on a regular basis to keep us informed on the investigation and our options. It was a very difficult time for my son and my family. Mr. Platania made sure there was closure with the appropriate justice being served. We knew we were in good hands from our first meeting with Joe and we are grateful for his professionalism, his excellent prosecutorial skills, his empathy, and his friendly demeanor. It is rare to find a person who genuinely cares about doing the right thing and is honest and trustworthy – we were fortunate to have Mr. Platania on our side.”

—Carlos V


“I have worked with Joe in many capacities: first as a public defender, then more closely as a prosecutor. He demonstrates leadership and commitment, serving on the Boards of Offender Aid and Restoration and the Charlottesville-Albemarle Drug Court.   Joe is thoughtful, dedicated, extremely ethical and forthright.  As a prosecutor, he is fair and concerned about the citizens of the City of Charlottesville.”

—Pat Smith
Executive Director, Offender Aid & Restoration


“I have known and worked with Joe Platania for many years in his capacity as both a public defender and, in recent years, a prosecutor with the Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney’s office. He is tough but fair. He treats everyone-other attorneys, law enforcement officers, defendants, families, victims-with respect and dignity. He always does his homework and comes to every case fully prepared. He is committed to equal justice for all defendants, regardless of where the chips may fall. Charlottesville will be very well served with Joe Platania as Commonwealth’s Attorney. I fully support his candidacy.”

—Jeffrey C. Fracher, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychologist


“A Commonwealth’s Attorney wields a great deal of power under the guise of prosecutorial discretion. Joe absolutely has the character to wield that power with intelligence and compassion. As a well-rounded prosecutor (he began his legal career as an assistant public defender after all), Joe fully understands that justice is not blind, deaf or mute. Justice is complicated, messy, and loud. We need and deserve a Commonwealth’s Attorney who embraces the complexities of finding the difficult solutions that will serve not only the victims and the defendants but our entire community. We need and deserve Joe.”

—Llezelle Agustin Dugger
Clerk of Court, City of Charlottesville


“I have known Joe Platania for many years, and have come to appreciate his many fine attributes. Joe has consistently displayed a combination of toughness, fairness and compassion in his work, all of which contribute to a more effective and “just” justice system.”

— Neal S. Goodloe
Criminal Justice Planner, Thomas Jefferson Area Criminal Justice Board


“What impresses me about working with Joe in our local criminal justice system over the last dozen years is that he not only believes in the priority of public safety, but also works incredibly hard to improve and support our entire community responding to drug addiction and mental illness.   Joe supported the development of our local Adult and Family Drug Courts and our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). ”

—Thomas L. von Hemert
CIT Coordinator, Thomas Jefferson Area Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)


“Joe was greeted with equal enthusiasm and respect by both police officers and the homeless population that I supervised.  He is a humble public servant worthy of all of our support. ”

—Jeffrey T. Lenert
Probation and Parole Officer | 1994-2016